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Sutra on the Virtues of
Bathing the Buddha

"... If men, women, or the five groups of mendicantsBhikkhu, Bhikkhuni, Samanera, Samaneri, Sikkhamana build an image of the Buddha; or if those without strength deposit one as large as a grain of barley; or build a stupa (its body the size of a jujube, its mast the size of a needle, its parasol equal to a flake of bran, its relic like a mustard seed); or if someone writes the Dharma verse and installs it inside the stupa, it will be the same as offering up a rare jewel in their act of paying homage. In accordance with their own strength and ability, if they can truly be sincere and respectful, it (the image or stupa) will be identical with my present body, equal without difference.

Noble son, if there are any beings that can make such supreme offerings, they will glorify themselves by achieving fifteen superb virtues:

First, they earnestly stay humble.
Second, they develop a mind of pure faith.
Third, their hearts are truthful.
Fourth, they are drawn to virtuous companions.
Fifth, they enter the state of flawless wisdom.
Sixth, they constantly meet with Buddhas.
Seventh, they habitually embrace the Dharma.
Eighth, they are able to fulfill any words rendered.
Ninth, according to their wishes, they will be born in pure Buddha lands.
Tenth, if they are reborn as human beings, they will become noble people of dignified families and are respected among others; they invariably evoke joyousness.
Eleventh, as human beings, they naturally have Buddhas on their minds.
Twelfth, any armies of demons will be unable to either harm or trouble them.
Thirteenth, despite the Dark Age, they are able to protect and sustain the Dharma.
Fourteenth, they are protected by innumerable Buddhas of ten directions.
Fifteenth, they will soon attain the five attributes of a Dharma body.

At that time, the World Honored One uttered these verses:

After my Parinirvana
You can honor my relics,
Build stupas or even images of the Tathagata.
At the location of the images or stupas,
You can establish a mandala.
With various incenses and flowers
Scattered over their surfaces.
With fresh and splendidly scented water
You pour onto the body of the images,
Presenting various flavorful drinks and foods,
Conscientiously perform with full devotion
Eulogize the virtues of the Tathagata,
Which are inconceivably boundless;
Through the wisdom of skillful means
And the supernatural power of the Buddha
You swiftly reach the other shore of Nirvana.
You will obtain a Vajra body
Perfect with the thirty-two major marks
And the eighty minor signs of excellence
Liberating innumerable sentient beings ..."
Lotus Sutra
Making Buddha
Bathing Buddha

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