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How much should I contribute?

You can contribute any amount depending on your preference. However, only full sponsorship of any items listed on our website can be acknowledged with a name display in the meditation halls (copperplate engraving) due to limited space.


Should I make a contribution to the Buddha Dordenma Project online by credit card or conventionally by bank wire transfer?

There are two reasons why we prefer that you sent to our Bhutan bank account directly. The time it takes for your funds to reach Bhutan will be longer when you pay by credit card than by wire transfer. Online contributions will have to go to our Hong Kong bank account before being remitted to our Bhutan account. Subtracting the corresponding miscellaneous processing fees, the amount received in our Bhutan bank will be less than the original amount of your contribution.


Can the names of both the living and the deceased be placed on the same copperplate engraving?

Absolutely yes.


I want to dedicate the merits to my entire family, how many names can I place in the copperplate engraving?

Without any space limitation, we would definitely like to put everyone's names if possible. In order to standardize all works, a maximum of thirty-six characters can be placed congruently on each copperplate engraving. You can place as many names you want as long as they do not exceed a total of 36 characters. For characters exceeding this limit, try to consider broader terms, for instance FULL NAME & FAMILY.


How does the opportunity to contribute to the Buddha Dordenma Project differ from supporting the needy and other causes?

There are two main perspectives on this issue. From the perspective of a donor, one requires a substantial lot of pre-existing virtues to facilitate one's next cultivation. Your support to a host of charitable activities might probably have fruited you another seed (a precondition) contained in this golden opportunity (the Buddha Dordenma Project) to further happiness.

Imagine that because of your support in this project, you enable hundreds of thousands of people including those from 3,000 temples in Bhutan to convene and conduct grand prayer ceremonies benefiting all sentient beings. Even after you leave this human world, infinite number of future generations can still pray, meditate, tap into their inner Buddha nature, and build virtues at the Buddha Dordenma site for thousands of years ahead. With such massive number of participants, transference of merits could be shared impartially with countless beings in the six realms (gods, asuras, humans, animals, hungry ghosts, hell beings). Because it is the synergistic effort of Buddha Dordenma supporters that have made this all possible, any benefits or kindness resulted will inescapably add up to your already immense virtues for an infinite time ahead.

From the perspective of a beneficiary, the universal principle of give-and-take dictates the reciprocal relationship between giving and receiving. When one receives any form of assistance, one inevitably consumes up one's own existing virtues, which came from previous acts of giving. Donating money to people does not solve people's problem, but their own initiatives to give, however small a form, do. The reason they can first receive our aid is because of their own virtues. Once their virtues have been used up, they are not likely to be presented with any receiving opportunities. Because heavy negative karmic force, one is not likely to succeed in any favorable transformation but rather devastate to an unfavorable one, we should not wait until the negative karmic forces get to us to start cultivating virtues. By that time, we will helplessly find that the dice are already loaded against us.


How was this idea of the Buddha Dordenma Project being inspired in the first place?

The Buddha Dordenma Project is an activity initiated to fulfill a former prophecy in a termaPrecious treasure hidden and destined to be revealed by future holy beings (tertons).
Could you be one of them?
of Guru Padmasambhava, the immortal founder of Vajrayana Buddhism who was born from a lotus.


Who is Guru Padmasambhava?

Guru Padmasambhava is the lotus-born tantric master (Padma means "lotus flower"; sambhava means "born from.") who established Vajrayana Buddhism. He manifested the attainment of the four vidyadhara levels and hid innumerable Dharma treasures throughout Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan to be revealed by destined disciples in the future. Currently Guru resides on the summit of the Copper-Colored Mountain on the southeastern continent. His appearance was foretold by Lord Buddha Shakyamuni in many sutras and tantras, as extracted and presented in the following:

From the Immaculate Goddess Sutra:

"The activity of all the victorious ones of the ten directions
Will gather into a single form,
A Buddha son, who will attain marvelous accomplishment,
A master who will embody Buddha activity,
Will appear to the northwest of Uddiyana."

Guru Padmasambhava was also prophesied in the Sutra of Inconceivable Secrets:

"A manifestation of the Buddhas of the three times,
With marvelous deeds in this Good Aeon,
Will appear as a vidyadhara
In the center of a wondrous lotus flower."

The Tantra of the Ocean of Ferocious Activity says:

"A holder of the secrets of all the Buddhas,
The king of the deeds of indestructible wrath,
A miraculous form without father or mother,
Will appear as a vidyadhara
In Lake Kosha of Uddiyana."

The Nirvana Sutra, the Buddha utters:

"Twelve years after I pass into nirvana,
A person who is superior to everyone
Will appear from the anthers of a lotus flower
In the immaculate Lake Kosha
On the northwestern border of the country of Uddiyana."

The Sutra of Predictions in Magadha, the Buddha also says:

"I will pass away to eradicate the view of permanence.
But twelve years from now, to clear away the view of nihilism,
I shall appear from a lotus in the immaculate Lake Kosha
As a noble son to delight the king
And turn the Dharma wheel of the unexcelled essential meaning."

What does it mean that the Buddha Dordenma symbolizes peerless virility?

The Buddha Dordenma is not built for display purposes but rather for bestowing blessings, peace and happiness worldwide. As evidenced in the unique structural configuration, over hundreds of thousands of Buddha statues are placed inside the interior of the 200.6-foot-tall Buddha. All statues are gilded in 24K gold and each of them contains five kinds of sacred relics, mantras, and precious substances. These fillings prevent the statues from being occupied by spirits, infusing them with auspicious energies of endless Buddhas.


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