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Lotus Sutra

"... After Buddhas passed into Parinirvana, there were people who made offerings to Buddhas' relics by constructing trillion kinds of stupas. With gold, silver and crystal, giant clam shells and agates, assorted gems of carnelian and vaidurya, they extensively adorned and secured the stupas with various first-rate treasures in utmost devotion.

There were also some people who built stone mausoleums, of sandalwood and aloe-wood, of hovenia and other timbers, of bricks, tiles, clay, and the like. Moreover, some people piled up the soil in the outdoors to form Buddha-shrines, even some children playfully built up Buddha stupas from sand. Such people and so on have now attained the Buddhahood.

Out of a deep devotion to Buddhas, people who built, sculpted or even carved out Buddha images, have now attained the Buddhahood.

Some made Buddha statues from seven jewels, or with nickel, copper, white tin, or with alloys of lead and tin, or with iron, wood, or again, with clay. Some even coated the statues with resin and lacquer. All of them conscientiously made the Buddha images. Such people and so on have now attained the Buddhahood.

People produced Buddha paintings with diverse colors, meticulously bringing out the noble qualities of Buddhas with artistic skills, either by themselves or by others through their instructions. They have all now attained the Buddhahood.

Even children while playing, might use grass, sticks, brushes, or their finger nails, to draw Buddha images. Such people and so on would gradually be accumulating virtues, fully harnessing their great compassionate hearts. They have now either attained the Buddhahood, or become Bodhisattvas who have liberated incalculable sentient beings ..."

Lotus Sutra
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