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Table of Contents (Mani Kabum Volume I)

Plate A Buddha Shakyamuni....xiii

Plate B Amitabha and His Heart Emanation, Chenrezig....xiv

Plate C Thousand-armed Chenrezig....xv

Plate D Eleven-face, Ten-armed Chenrezig....xvi

Plate E Four-armed Chenrezig....xvii

Plate F Chenrezig Mandala....xviii

Plate G King Songtsen Gampo....xix

Plate H Great Mother Paramita....xx

Plate I Great Mother Paramita Caption....xxi

Plate J His Holiness Trulku Jigme Choedrak Rinpoche 70th Jekhenpo of Bhutan and His Eminence Trizin Tsering Rimpoche....xxii

Foreword by H.H. Trulku Jigme Choedrak Rinpoche 70th Jekhenpo of Bhutan....xxiii

Preface by H.E. Trizin Tsering Rimpoche....xxvi

Part One - Supplication to the lineage lamas....xxxiii
Part Two - Contents of Mani Kabum....xxxix

© His Eminence Trizin Tsering Rimpoche


The story of Great Compassion & the Thousand Buddhas

Ch. 1 Teachings the benefits of Lord Amitabha Buddha field

Ch. 2 How the nirmanakaya Great Compassion arrived in Dewachen Pureland, the Buddha field of great bliss

Ch. 3 Emanating Buddha fields and performing benefit for sentient beings

Ch. 4 How the Noble One Lord Avalokiteshvara first having aroused supreme bodhicitta but after samsara was not emptied, his bodhicitta was broken, but then again his bodhicitta was aroused

Ch. 5 Taming by sambhogakaya

Ch. 6 Arising of the thousand Buddhas & two bodhisattvas

Ch. 7 Prophecies by former generations of Buddhas

Ch. 8 The five worldly actions

Ch. 9 Five world-transcending actions

Ch. 10 The virtues of the bodhisattva the Noble One Lord Avalokiteshvara

Ch. 11 The source of the sutra

Ch. 12 The source of the sutras, the great kindness and benefit for the bodhisattvas

Ch. 13 The word of the last turning

Ch. 14 The Buddha passing into nirvana

Ch. 15 The Truly Completely Enlightened One's nirvana and image representation prophecy

Ch. 16 Body representation of the Blessed One Shakyamuni and how the benefit for beings was performed

Ch. 17 Collection of tantras, secret mantras of Avalokiteshvara, ways of its descending and arising

Ch. 18 How the self-arising body, speech and mind arose in the country of India

Ch. 19 Taming the hell beings

Ch. 20 Taming the pretas

Ch. 21 Taming of small beings

Ch. 22 Taming flesh-eating beings

Ch. 23 Taming the rakshasis of Singala

Ch. 24 Taming the asura, Torma

Ch. 25 Taming the harmful sentient beings of Darkland

Ch. 26 The Noble One Lord Avalokiteshvara removing the suffering of the impoverished god

Ch. 27 How by Great Compassion the merchants were released from the land of the rakshasis, Singala island

Ch. 28 Refuge from the suffering of transmigration and falling back of the gods

Ch. 29 The Asura Nangjed finding refuge from the hot hells

Ch. 30 Releasing Makyedra from the cold hell

Ch. 31 Releasing Angulimala from hell

Ch. 32 The son of Gangzang, Ngateg, being released from the animal realm

Ch. 33 Releasing Prince Dzeydan from the preta realm

Ch. 34 The Noble One Lord Avalokiteshvara kindly teaching the people of Snowland

Ch. 35 How by the twenty-one sutras and tantras the virtues of the Noble One Avalokiteshvara was taught

Ch. 36 The merchant's son Norzang interpreting the symbols

Ch. 37 Epilogue


The mahayana king of the three jewels,
Zamatog-kodpa sutra

Ch. 1 Zamatog-kodpa sutra, first part

Ch. 2 Zamatog-kodpa sutra, second part

Ch. 3 Zamatog-kodpa sutra, third part

Ch. 4 Zamatog-kodpa sutra, fourth sutra


Great Compassion Dharani

Ch. 1 The Noble Bodhisattva Lord Avalokiteshvara possessing one thousand hands and one thousand eyes, the vast completely perfect mind of unobstructed Great Compassion

Ch. 2 The Vast Beginningless Completely Perfect Great Compassion Dharani of the Bodhisattva Lord Avalokiteshvara, first part

Ch. 3 The Vast Beginningless Completely Perfect Great Compassion Dharani of the Bodhisattva Lord Avalokiteshvara, second part


The history and activity of the Dharma-protecting King Songtsen Gampo

Ch. 1 Prologue

Ch. 2 Action of obtaining the beginning of holy Dharma in Tibet

Ch. 3 Action of being born

Ch. 4 Action of inventing Tibetan writing and translating the Dharma

Ch. 5 Action of empowerment, enthronement and emanation of Buddha fields

Ch. 6 Action of making law

Ch. 7 Action of inviting and bringing the yidam deity

Ch. 8 Action of sacred body, speech, and mind appearing

Ch. 9 Action of the yidam deity coming by being self-born in the country of Snowland

Ch. 10 Action of the Nepali Queen Tritsun, emanation of the deity Tronyerma, being invited to Snowland and meeting with the king of activities

Ch. 11 Action of the Nepali Queen Tritsun building red mountain

Ch. 12 Action of the Chinese woman Kongjo being brought and the ministers competing in trickery

Ch. 13 Action of building temples, taming the four ranges and border regions

Ch. 14 Action of building temples of the yidam deity and enforcing law

Ch. 15 Action of translating the Dharma and hiding termas

Ch. 16 Action on the occasion of being born as Jigtenwangchug

Ch. 17 Action on the occasion of being born as the Girl Sherabjen

Ch. 18 Action on the occasion of being born as Prince Dhawadorje

Ch. 19 Action on the occasion of being born as Prince Leynu

Ch. 20 Action on the occasion of being born as Prince Jampatobdan

Ch. 21 Action on the occasion of being born as Prince Rinchen

Ch. 22 Action on the occasion of being born as Prince Choekyilama

Ch. 23 Action on the occasion of being born as Prince Tsedjochen

Ch. 24 Action on the occasion of being born as Prince Dorjeder

Ch. 25 Action on the occasion of being born as Prince Choekyisengge

Ch. 26 Action on the occasion of being born as Prince Jangchubthugden

Ch. 27 Action on the occasion of being born as Prince Jigtenwangchug


The twenty-one actions of the king

Ch. 1 The speech of Great Compassion, the self-arising sutras, the holy Dharma coming into existence

Ch. 2 The emanated prince entering the womb of the queen

Ch. 3 The action of the emanation prince being born

Ch. 4 Learning the Dharma letters

Ch. 5 Empowerment and emating Buddha fields

Ch. 6 Making the ten virtues into Snow Land Dharma law

Ch. 7 Bringing the naturally occurring deity of Great Compassion

Ch. 8 Producing the three self-arising images, the action of liberating from the fear of suffering

Ch. 9 The emanated king's supports of body, speech and mind and miraculous prophecy

Ch. 10 Action of marrying the emanation of Lhamo Tronyerma

Ch. 11 How after Princess Lhacig Kongjo was invited there was marriage

Ch. 12 Kongjo showing the earth examination

Ch. 13 Action of making temples to suppress the limbs of the geomantic situation like a rakshasi

Ch. 14 Making of the self-arising image

Ch. 15 Action of building the temple

Ch. 16 Action of making laws

Ch. 17 Establishing Snowland in happiness and empowering temples

Ch. 18 Action of the emanated king establishing Dharma in all the realms of Snowland

Ch. 19 The way the treasures were hidden

Ch. 20 How Great Compassion Teachings arose & the way they were hidden as treasure

Ch. 21 The emanated king after showign the way and making the teachings spread, his body subside

Ch. 22 Epilogue


The cycle of sadhanas of Great Compassion

Ch. 1 Great Compassion sadhana practice preliminary and main practice

Ch. 2 The trilogy of sadhanas, the wish-fulfilling Great Compassion

Ch. 3 Great Compassion wish-fulfilling gem one cycle


Sadhana practice

Ch. 1 Union of the three yogas

Ch. 2 Oral instruction of the three mandalas medium sadhana

Ch. 3 Oral instruction of the pith of secret mantra extensive sadhana

Ch. 4 Secret practice of the three Victorious Ones combined as One

Ch. 5 The abridged Abhisheka of the Haughty One Hayagriva

Ch. 6 The secret cycle of the dakinis

Ch. 7 The sadhana of the secret wisdom dakinis

Ch. 8 The means of practice by the blessings of Great Compassion


Six fold cycle of Great Compassion, explanation by means of six limbs

Ch. 1 Six-fold cycle of Great Compassion, explanation by means of six limbs

Ch. 2 Epilogue

App. I Major and minor marks of the Buddha

App. II Glossary of terms

App. III Mudra plates

App. IV Bhutan map