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Welcome! This website has been prepared to help you work your way towards enhanced well-being. The instructions contained therein are based on oral transmission of His Eminence Trizin Rimpoche of Bhutan (picture on top).

Because of the rarest opportunity to meet with a qualified guru in one's spiritual practice, this website encourages you to begin your own spiritual endeavors nonetheless. If you wish to meet with a guru, by cultivating merits and deepening your practice, when the time has come, you definitely will.

Why practice meditation?

Do you know that whatever problems you have in mind, it is possible that meditation practice can help ameliorate, if not completely eliminate, them? Let's try and see if this could hold true for your personal case. First try answer the following questions, next follow the link to see if your prediction is correct.

  • Can you think of three primary aspects in your daily functioning that you would like to improve in life?
  • Do you think meditation would help fulfill this wish?

What scientific research says about some benefits of meditation.

Change takes efforts

Congratulations for making the initiatives to practice meditation!

Through persistent efforts, you are bound to see some observable conceptual and behavioral changes in yourselves. Like other healthy regimens, the degree of change you undergo depends on your consistency in practice; the more you practice, the more obvious the results you notice.

Because each sentient being has its own individual karmic tendencies, this website provides the necessary prompts to help you devise your own plans in practicing meditation. You should keep your notes, reflections, questions, and so forth in a personal journal.

Before you start

Mindfulness has long been considered a beneficial quality of mind developed through meditation. Please take a few minutes to learn about your current level of mindfulness before you engage in Vajrayana meditation by taking the Mindful Attention Awareness Scale questionairre. To track your progress, keep a personal journal to note your reflections, answers, etc.